Welcome! Please select either EDMONTON or SHERWOOD PARK to book your appointment.

Alongside in-person services, we also offer telehealth services for Alberta Residents located in Alberta, at the time of their appointment. Visit our website for more information.

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Speech Therapy, Dietitian & Lactation Consulting

  • ALL Accepting New Clients!

Pediatric Physiotherapists:

  • YEG: Kristine Fairbanks, Kennedy Flamond & Calista Powell

  • SHPK: Simone Fleet & Frances Boutilier

Accepting New Clients:

  • Massage: Jessica Dumont-Robertson & Taylor McKee

  • Psychology & Counselling - In-Person & Telehealth

    • Jamie Hofmann, Nicole Antunes, Sherani Sivakumar, Kelsey Wittebolle, Lynda Kordyban, Karelia Gamache, Meagan Chan, Gabrielle Barkman, Rachel Walpert Fairbrother, Shahinoor Meghji, Randa El-Chami, Erin Botterill, Simone Moniz & Milana Ackov (SHPK Only)

    • Case-by-Case Basis: Vanessa Colombina & Samantha Copithorne

    • Low-Cost Counselling (Master of Counselling Student Therapists): Marie Essebou (SHPK) & Michelle Johnson (YEG)

Maternity Leave (Call for a temporary provider referral):

  • Victoria Wilk, Jessica Ofstedahl & Jada Nedelec

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